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» A Trusted Friend - Blue Bell Edition

A Trusted Friend - Blue Bell Edition

A Trusted Friend - Blue Bell Edition

Every childhood has its special friendships—and though youthful friends may come and go, a favorite doll or stuffed bear can become a lifelong companion. Even my oldest daughter, who recently passed the threshold into adulthood, still treasures several reminders of her happy childhood. These are so much more than just toys-they represent a moment in our life as a family.

My painting A Trusted Friend celebrates the imagination of childhood which can make even an inanimate object come to life with love. This is my first ever teddy bear painting, and as I worked on it I was reminded of the passion displayed by teddy bear collectors worldwide. In fact, on a recent visit to Pennsylvania, I had a chance to meet many of the “bear people” as part of the launch of my new Thomas Kinkade Teddy Bear Collection.

The millions of teddy bear collectors worldwide remind us that even for adults a teddy bear can be A Trusted Friend, and perhaps my painting will be a daily reminder of this happy fact. On the shelf in my painting sit the reminders of a joyous childhood--well-worn reading books, colorful alphabet blocks (the letters in the stack of blocks denote the first initials of my children’s names), and a well loved teddy bear.

I even added a special touch: you can have your choice of a pink ribbon for girl bears or a blue one for boy bears. That way, your very own “trusted friend” can be even more personal to you!

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10" x 8"
Standard Numbered
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