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» Central Park In The Fall

Central Park in the Fall

Central Park in the Fall

Despite its bustling nature and hectic pace, I’ve always viewed New York as a very romantic city. Just one block over from the hustle and bustle, couples take romantic carriage rides through the park while the town buildings envelop the scene like looming mountain walls. I portrayed the famous Central Park Bridge near the Plaza Hotel as a setting of great romance. We see a couple crossing the bridge arm in arm, perhaps basking in the stillness of an autumn evening. Lamp light bathes the scene with a subtle glow as the luminous colors of autumn emerge from the mist like glowing embers in a replace. The creek winds its way under the bridge not yet slowed by the coming winter air while the Plaza Hotel and the towering 5th Avenue skyscrapers stand as sentinels watching over the park.

Autumn is a beautiful time of year in the city, and I love visiting the park during this season. The oranges and reds created by nature are so vibrant and beautiful. These colors, imposed over the canvas like a backdrop of the city, create a breathtaking setting… one that is further enhanced with the sweet aroma of warm honey-roasted nuts wafting through the evening chill. Central Park is truly a magical place where nature and the character of New York combine in serene harmony. It’s a place where a quick cab ride lets you escape the big city and immerse yourself in nature’s brilliant color palette. True to New York form, there is no place quite like Central Park in the Fall.

My goal is to add to my New York tributes with this inaugural commemoration of New York’s changing seasons… this is New York at its best; truly a city of romance and excitement.

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