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» Eternal Springtime (ivy Gate Edition W/ Easel)

Eternal Springtime (Ivy Gate Edition w/ Easel)

Eternal Springtime (Ivy Gate Edition w/ Easel)

Thom, as a routine, would carve out a few minutes in the day to find an outdoor venue filled with sunshine to read his Bible or a book. This “mini-vacation” would be a time of refreshment and reflection for him amidst a very busy schedule. Eternal Springtime depicts the perfect place to recharge and disconnect from daily life – if only for ten minutes. One cannot help but smell the sweet fragrance of the lilies or feel the warmth from the sun shining onto the weathered bench when viewing this piece. This is a serene resting place where peacefulness reigns and the hope that springtime signifies is painted into every stroke.

The scientific word for daylily is Hemerocallis, which is derived from two Greek words meaning “beauty” and “day”. It isn’t any surprise that Thom added a plethora of blooming daylilies in his painting. Each lily bloom only lasts one day, but each stalk holds many blossoms that will bloom each day for many weeks, providing beauty into the future. The hope of each new day made anew, is the allure found in Eternal Springtime.

Eternal Springtime was to become Thom’s final painting as it was found resting on his well-worn easel. No doubt, he would be pleased in knowing that this piece might inspire you to carve out a few moments in your busy day to indulge in his vision of peacefulness, beauty, and serenity. Our hope is that this painting will serve as a reminder to you in finding a few moments of peace and reflection and that you may find refreshment upon viewing it just as Thom did while sitting in sunshine.

~ Nanette Kinkade

Key Features
  1. Eternal Springtime is Thom’s final painting and was found resting on his well-worn easel upon his passing.
  2. Thom’s family, Nanette and his children, hold this painting deep in their hearts. They were extremely proud to unveil this masterpiece to Thom’s longtime collectors.
  3. Many of the flowers painted in Eternal Springtime are daylilies- or Hemerocallis.
  4. A very limited edition of this painting, the Artist Easel Edition, will include a replication of Thom’s easel with all his paint dabs, color mixes and the handwritten title above the painting itself.
  5. The theme of this painting continues a longstanding message in Thom’s art- to find a few minutes in the day to go outside and reflect, disconnect from daily life and recharge… if only for a few minutes.

Introducing a very small new edition for the momentous release, Eternal Springtime.  This new prestigious edition, entitled the IvyGate Edition, is designed for Thomas Kinkade's most devoted collectors giving them a rare first ever glimpse into how the artist created each work of art.

This extremely limited elite assemblage is a handcrafted and finely detailed replication of Eternal Springtime, just as Thom left it on his easel. Each highly collectible IvyGate Edition piece will include:

  • A finely detailed textured and highlighted canvas on masonite, mounted to the highlighted and replicated art board with Thom's own handwritten title. Collectors will adore seeing this well-worn art board up close, and appreciate the craftsmanship that has gone into its authenticity
  • A handle on the back replicating Thom's art board down to the last detail, as he liked to carry it without disturbing the artwork drying on the front
  • A DVD of Nanette Kinkade reading her own heartfelt Art Notes for this momentous painting
  • Numbered authentic artist's easel to accompany every piece
  • Beautifully framed in antique gold, hand signed and numbered Art Notes by Nanette Kinkade will make a gorgeous presentation to collectors
  • Elegant gold foiled Certificate of Authenticity, hand signed and numbered by Nanette Kinkade


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12" x 18"
Artists Proof
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